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Server Monitoring Features

Our goal is to provide monitoring services that are as useful as possible at the lowest possible price. We continue to extend our feature set, mostly in direct response to the requests and feedback of our customers. Take a look! If you're looking for web site and Internet service monitoring, we think we have what you need.

Check all of your sites and services Many companies charge about what we charge for far fewer checks, and several times as much if you add a few more. Our service plans are sized to most efficiently meet the needs of the usage patterns we've seen in how our customers use monitoring, and to scale well at the lowest cost. Monitoring services should enable you to cost effectively monitor everything, all the time.
One minute intervals Some website monitoring companies let you monitor things every five or fifteen minutes, and charge you more if you need more frequent checks. Some non-essential services do fine with five or fifteen minute intervals, but most businesses need to know if their site is down more quickly than that. So advertising a price for anything more than a minute is misleading. All of our standard plans include one minute intervals as a matter of course.
Multiple location rechecks When a site monitor check shows that your site or service is down, we automatically recheck it from other locations before notifications are sent. With multiple check servers in North America, Europe, Latin America, and East Asia/Oceania, you can choose to run your check from any or all regions. See our FAQ for more information on locations and ip addresses of our check servers.
Unlimited contacts, and contact groups Contacts allow you to manage users, provide access to monitoring configuration and results, and manage where to send notifications. Unlimited contacts means you can set up any number of logins to your account, and manage the level of access for each. Paired with SubAccounts, you can manage what sites and servers specific users can access, which allows you to give logins to individual customers to see only their sites.
Unlimited email, sms, mobile push, voice, twitter, and webhook notifications When your nodes go down, you won't get charged extra for notifications at NodePing. Configure each check with as many email, international SMS, voice, Pushover for iOS and Android, twitter direct message, and webhook notifications as you need. It's all included in the price. Your mobile carrier may still charge you for receiving SMS, but we don't charge anything extra for sending the notifications. Note: not all plans contain include all notification types.
Notification window controls At many companies the contact to notify at night and on weekends is different from the one to use during the day. We have some preset schedules you can choose from ("Days", "Weekends", etc), or set up your own. Want to notify Alice on Tuesdays until 3:15, and the rest of the time notify Bob? No Problem!
Flexible check types We currently provide checks for:
  • HTTP/S - basic website checker for any URL and on non-standard ports
  • HTTP/S Content Matching
  • HTTP/S Advanced - POST form data or JSON/XML, modify headers, etc
  • SSL Certificates
  • SSH with with response checking
  • FTP with file availability
  • PING - real ICMP not pseudo-ping like many companies
  • SMTP
  • POP3
  • IMAP4
  • DNS
  • RDP
  • Port Connect
  • Audio Streaming
  • RBL
  • SIP
  • WebSocket - including
If you didn't find what you need, feel free to drop us a suggestion.
No commitment required Try it out for 15 days for free. Even after that, you can cancel at any time. No long term relationship required. You don't have to pretend to like our moms' cooking. If it isn't fitting the need, you should find something that does.
Full API Our HTTP accessible RESTful API allows you to integrate your monitoring with your system automation. You can also pull results data for use in your own reporting or dashboards on other sites.
Subaccounts Many of our customers provide network or web site services to their own customers, and they need to provide monitoring to those customers. Subaccounts allow you to give your customers access to their own monitoring within our service, and manage the monitoring from your own account. Subaccounts are included in our Business and Provider accounts, and there is no limit to the number of subaccounts you can have.
Brandable Notifications Along with subaccounts, and our API, this fills out the feature set necessary for service providers to provide monitoring services to their customers. Notification branding (included in the Business and Provider accounts) allow you to customize the notifications that are sent when services fail so that they contain your company information, including the address the messages are from.
WHMCS Module Easily resell and offer NodePing monitoring to your customers using our WHMCS module. Available for Provider accounts only.