NodePing referrals put money in your pocket as simple as 1, 2, 3

1. Have an active NodePing account in good standing.

2. Share your unique NodePing referral ID URL with others who need great server monitoring at a great price.

3. We send you money for each paying account that signs up using your referral ID.

We'll send you:
  • $5 for each "Starter" account
  • $12 for each "Business" account
  • $40 for each "Provider" account

You can find your unique referral ID URL on the "Billing" tab of your account. Once a month we'll count up the accounts that signed up using your referral ID and that have paid for their first month of service, and we'll send you a payment on PayPal. Obviously, you'll need to tell us your PayPal account so we can send you the money. Participation is subject to our Terms of Service. The referral money can be claimed only once per account that signs up.