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Starter Business Provider
Monthly price $8 $15 $50
Monitors 5 200 200
Additional monitors $0.50 per monitor $0.40 per monitor $0.25 per monitor
Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Notifications Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Notification methods
PagerDuty -
Webhook -
Slack/HipChat -
Voice - -
1-minute intervals
API Access -
Notification branding -
Public Status Reports/Pages 5 50 200
Subaccounts -
Custom SSL Cert ** -
WHMCS Module - -
On-Premise Monitoring - Agents - -
Monitoring location * - -
AUDIO volume detection*** - -
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Need more than 10,000 checks? Please contact us about volume pricing:

Why are you so much cheaper than your competition?

We think the real question is why are they so expensive? Some of our competition are either running their systems much less efficiently than we do, or they are charging you many times the cost of running the service. Monitoring should not be costly.

* Monitoring location

Checks are run from a random location within your chosen region. Provider accounts can specify a location to run their checks from as described in our documentation.

What are subaccounts?

Subaccounts allow you to segment your checks into groups, and provide access to specific users to just one subaccount. This allows you to provide a login for your customers to access just their checks. See the features page and the documentation for more details. Subaccounts work especially well in conjunction with the API and with branded sites.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Discover, Diners Club, American Express, and PayPal. We charge the subscription to your chosen payment method automatically on a monthly basis in advance. Any overages for the month will be charged the next month. There is more information about our billing in our Terms Of Service. We will also accept PayPal for those who would like to pay 6 or 12 months in advance. There are other options for large volume customers, ask if you have more than a few thousand checks.

Unlimited notifications, really?

In the vast majority of the world Unlimited notifications really does mean we'll send you Unlimited notifications. However, the delivery of notifications is not completely under our control. If your email server isn't working or your mobile phone is out of range or your mobile provider has problems, you may not receive the notifications. Some regions of the world are easier to deliver SMS notifications and voice calls than others.

You may incur additional charges for delivery of notifications in some parts of the world, depending on your local carriers, and there may be some locations to which we cannot as a practical matter reach you for notifications. Our unlimited notifications policy is intended to make sure you receive notifications from all actionable events on our checks. We may decline to send notifications that appear to be spam or other misuse of the notification system.

What happens when I go over my monitoring limit?

If you use more checks than is included in your plan, the additional checks will be included in your next payment. We only count active checks for billing purposes. A single check provides monitoring for one service, such as a single web site, or a single email server, and so on. Checks can run as frequently as once a minute.

Each month we track the peak number of active checks on your account. At the end of the month, if that peak amount was higher than the number of checks included in your plan, we calculate the overage amount as the number of checks you were over the number allowed times the additional price per check. The overage costs will show up on your next month's invoice.

** Setup for Your Custom SSL Cert

We support using a custom domain for your status page and reporting. For example, we use In addition, if you send us an SSL certificate (we will provide you a csr on request) we will install it for use on your custom domain so that your customers can access your status page and other reports with confidence. There is a one time $150 fee for this setup.

If you have any questions, get in touch at, or use our Contact form.